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To sift out best services, you need to have vast information and vivid idea about the purpose of mot garages. With CHECK CAR TAX, we help you find the best mot garages in a sea of competitors. Our motto is to procure best mot garage services for our customers and to improve our customer’s knowledge regarding the services various mot garages offer; there is usually a spectrum depending on quality but the basics remain there with varying reliability. So the question is what are mot garages and what services do they offer and what do we have to offer you? Mot garages carry out MOT test for your vehicle and car service and repair. They offer various incentives such as reminder offers, deals, packages, offer to pick and deliver the vehicle and other offers to facilitate your convenience. Obviously these mot garages charge you for the MOT test and the rates vary according to factors such as reliability and quality and quantity of services.

These garages are MOT test centers that tend to offer you car service with the MOT test and opting for both usually yields in discounts. At check car tax we provide you with a myriad of garages and even recommend you the ones with catchy incentives and services with greater discounts, all at one click. You choose the mot garage of your own choice after sifting through a long list of competitors. After making the choice, you get to book MOT online directly. As we provide prices on our website, choice will be further aided. Usually mot garages provide or send you quotes on their own but with our services you access them online at our website and thereby no waiting. All this process, simple enough, requires online internet access and your car’s registration number.


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This service helps you make the apt choice for your vehicle. As we are all aware of the compulsory step of getting MOT test done to keep the car running on road. It’s important to realize the necessity of such a test for the maintenance of road safety standards. Book my garage service makes the procedure easier for you. You no longer need to approach garages on your own for their quotes as we make prices available online. We also recommend, at various points, in order help you choose from the broad range. We save your time and put in efforts to make the procedure cost-effective. We display discount deals and promote mot garages that fit your criteria.

Every customer has different expectations from their MOT garages.Some might avoid getting car service and repair done at the same place while some find it convenient. Nevertheless, we make sure that your demands are met by providing you only with the best MOT testing, repair and car servicing garage centers. With the wide internet access, the method of online accessing is easier to navigate through than the old times. Knowing the range puts you in the right position to make the best decision for your car with book my garage services.


The mot test is a ministry of transport test in United Kingdom which determines the criteria of vehicle safety by gauging the following aspects. It takes into consideration the worthiness of the car for road and monitors exhaust emissions. This test is applicable on car owned for 3 years and has to be renewed after every year. The test guarantees that road safety standards are met and also protects you from incurring exponential damages during accidents. It also maintains standards for a vehicle condition and is adequate to determine if a car is suitable or buying or not. DVSA issues the certificates to cars who pass the test. This is not only essential for cars mobile on highway but for all cars on roads allocated to public use. There are numerous mot garages or mot stations registered and approved by DVSA to carry out mot tests for vehicles and determine their adequacy for road. A usual mot test consumes 45 to 60 minutes.

The time varies according to vehicle condition. Mot garages also offer car services so if you like to get them done along with mot test it will take longer. The mot test checks for car engine, suspension, brakes, lights, fuel system, seatbelts and mirrors. You are supposed to drop your vehicle at the mot garage and collect it when the test has been performed. Mot test allows safety standards on road to be met in line with environmental standards. Heavy fines up to £2500 might be incurred if you drive a car with dangerous faults which has not undergone any MOT and you might be barred from driving. Thus to undergo a MOT test is essential for every vehicle.


If you need to book an appointment for mot test, look no further. With our online services we will only find the best mot garages for you. You can book your mot test online according to your own choice by comparing various garages and sifting out the one most suitable for you. At our website, we show prices for you to conveniently compare mot garages and select the mot station for mot test to be carried out. For this purpose, you need vehicle registration number, the last four digits of the chassis number and for obvious reasons credit or debit card numbers are required in online booking. Mot test prices vary according to vehicles.

For instance, if it is a freight vehicle such as trailers or even buses as they come in the category of heavy goods vehicle you are allotted a booking reference number and you are required to contact the designated mot garage to procure date and time. You can also book a mot re-test online. Furthermore, changes in appointments are also entertained. These include cancellation of appointment or change in schedule. All are subject to the current crisis of the relevant time and you are pre-informed of any delays or cancellations.


In order to compare garages you need to procure garage quotes. If you were to obtain quotes from multiple garages and then look into them to find and pick out the best one, it would be a time consuming task and you still might end up getting unreasonable prices and inapt services. Thus to make the most of it you need to follow some basic steps. First and foremost, you need to convey what you’re exactly looking for in the garage and what services you require-provide us with details. It is absolutely palpable that you are not well aware of the services you actually look for. We will help you narrow it down for your convenience as it is a norm. Usually the people look for the mot garages nearest to their residence and with our services we will find the best garage for you along with the most reasonable prices. The next step is getting quotes from garages.

Again, you will only have to leave this job to us as we will let the garages know that their services are called in and they will approach via sending various quotes. The most important task is choosing the garage once you have acquired the quotes. This step has already been made easier with our shortlisting of the garages especially suited to your convenience. Now you just have to choose between them. Then comes the step of booking the appointment which can be done via phone or online. Once you are done, it is better to facilitate other customers by leaving a review which is extremely helpful for us as well. We will have an easy time shortlisting mot garages for our customers if effective and adequate reviews are poured in. Furthermore, if you choose to request a quote you do not have to look further as we will be at your service by providing you with all the essential information for you to make the apt decision. This is all you need to know for comparing garages.


CHECK CAR TAX aims to provide you with best mot garages which are renowned for best mot testing, car repair and other car services. We go through our directory for your convenience and pick out best local garages for you which saves your time. It is not always sure that nearest mot garage is also the best one. We rule out the possibility of doubts by providing you all information about garage quotes so that decision is easier for you to make and is accurate as well. We give prices online and recommend mot garages based on the schemes they operate on, the cars they work preferentially on. You don’t need to await garage quotes as we show all prices on our website right away. Furthermore, we always recommend you to opt for car services along with the mot test and the garages charge less in lieu of transcending their competitors.


Make use of mot booking tool at Vehicle Tax Check. It will help you find out when the mot is due. It will also enable you to compare various prices the local mot garages ask for. Check Vehicle Tax also displays customer’s reviews to further aid your choice and enhance your decision. You do not have to pay unless satisfactory work is done. Car Tax Check makes the procedure easier and advances the process by instant services.

You need to book mot at check car tax. After booking, you need to select a mot garage which is the most crucial step. We shortlist the best suited local garages and then you select the garage after viewing garage quotes if you find the prices satisfactory. Then you need to further add on the information regarding any car services you require which obviously costs more than the mot alone. After this you need to select date and time. You will be asked to provide your contact number to initiate direct communication between you and the mot garage. Then after the service is done i.e; the test performed you will pay the garage directly.


The mot test is a ministry of transport test in United Kingdom which determines the criteria of vehicle safety. This test is applicable on car owned for 3 years and has to be renewed after every year. The test guarantees that road safety standards are met and also protects you from incurring exponential damages during accidents. It also maintains standards for a vehicle condition. This test keeps up with the environmental standards as well by checking exhaust emissions.

A car without a mot certificate is illegitimate to be out on road and you will suffer repercussions at the hands of law if you drive a car with expired mot. Heavy fines up to £2500 might be incurred if you drive a car with dangerous faults which has not undergone any MOT and you might be barred from driving. It also results in addition of points to your license. A vehicle with expired mot is strictly prohibited and is to stay off road limits unless you are driving to a mot station for getting it renewed.


A car which failed the mot can be driven as long as the mot certificate of the previous mot is valid. This is applicable in the case if it has no dangerous faults, otherwise its illicit. Therefore, make sure you book a retest as soon as possible because once the certificate expires, the car is to remain off-road limits until a re-test is carried out and passed. You are susceptible to be prosecuted if you continue to drive it. Thus, it always prudent to book mot ahead so that repairs are done beforehand.

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