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Check Online if a UK Car is Taxed

It is imperative to check whether your car is taxed or not. If you are buying a car in the United Kingdom, you can check if it has any current car tax or not so that you can drive it legally on the roads of the UK. To check online, if a UK car is taxed, our online system will instantly give you detailed information about the car’s road tax.

Car Tax and Why is it so Important?

Car tax is an excise duty tax that is to be paid on a vehicle to use it on the local road. It is imperative to pay because a car will need a valid MoT certificate and to be insured. These details are checked by the Government website automatically as you tax your vehicle online. If these details are missing or expired then, you have to update them before you tax your car.

How Can You Check Car Tax Online In The UK For Used Cars?

Now many people turned towards the used cars. They want to buy used cars, but in the UK, you can’t drive them without paying tax unless you have to procure a SORN to notify DVLA.
Laws became very strict. Even you can’t transfer the tax from the previous owner. So it will be better to check the car tax for used cars in the UK. It can be check car tax online for used cars by our online car data check site. If you can also check car tax through DVLA in the UK. You can also check car tax by other car data check sites like car analytics.

Check the Tax of a Vehicle

It is illegal to drive the car without a car tax on the United Kingdom’s public roads. Therefore, you must ensure your card has a valid tax. Your vehicle’s tax is according to your car’s category, with various VED bands for petrol, diesel, and electric vehicles.


Car’s tax disc was terminated in 2014, but it is crucial to know when your car tax and MoT renewal are required. You must renew them within the due date so that you may not face any trouble driving on the UK roads. To know how you can check your car tax and Mot due date, you can use our online system.

How to find your road tax & MOT due dates?

By entering your vehicle’s registration number, you can find your road tax and MOT due dates. If you don’t do this, then this will cause you to pay any back taxes. In the failure to renew your road tax or MOT, you can get three penalty points on your license.

The Easiest Way to Renew Your Road Tax

Nowadays, the internet has become our priority to check any online searches. So, we made it easy for you to renew your road tax. The easiest way to renew your road tax is to do it online. You can pay via your debit card or credit card with an online banking system.

If I get Caught with an Untaxed Car

It is illegal if you run your car without a car tax. If you get caught with an untaxed vehicle, you will be fine a high amount. Because if a car is stored off-street, you have to complete a SORN statement stating that it isn’t always being stored or used on any United Kingdom roads. Otherwise, you have to pay severe penalties in the UK. To avoid this headache, check your car tax online and follow the law.

How to Check Car Tax? MOT, Insurance and More

It is quite tricky to keep in mind the dates of your car tax, MOT, insurance, and more. No one can keep it in its mind for a long time. Mostly we forget the dates of car tax, Mot and all these. And we drive our untaxed car on the roads of the UK. After this, we get a penalty and some severe fines that we don’t want to pay. To make it quick and straightforward to know your car’s tax, MOT, insurance, and other information, we made an online free tool. You can simply enter your car’s registration number in our online tool and get the information in no time.

Your car, car insurance, & COVID-19?

We all know Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted everyone’s life day-by-day. Life is not what it used to be. Everyone has affected by COVID-19. The way you work, travel, and use your car has now changed.
Coronavirus has affected your car and car insurance. Some clients have financial concerns about their car insurance. Some other clients have other issues, but we would like to respond to all the concerns and questions. We assure you that we are here for a whole cover group and to assist you.
If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us. You can quickly communicate with us via email or our webchat. Clients ask different questions about their cars and car insurance in this pandemic, and we try to give them the best possible solution for their problem.

I have to self-isolate – can someone else drive my car to pick up shopping or collect my medication?

For this, you can add that person’s name as named driver to your car insurance. Besides this, you can add your car coverage includes cowl to power every other vehicle. If it does, their certificate of motor insurance will say something like, “the policyholder most effective can also drive an automobile no longer owned via them or hired to them beneath a lease-purchase agreement and which isn’t used about the motor change provided.”

Coronavirus has affected my earnings. Can I get a short-term car insurance policy, or pay monthly?

To give you relaxation, we have introduced a month policy for clients looking for their vehicle’s short-term insurance. We have set the payment method every month. Please contact us for more details about your car insurance in COVID-19.
It does not matter which category applies to you but have to take care of your car’s insurance and MOT. You must not run your car on the UK road without valid MOT and insurance.
You can run your vehicle without valid MOT and insurance in some cases such as:

  • For repair purposes
  • A pre-arranged MOT test and insurance

Our Commitment to Our Customers

No one is damn sure that when this will become right. But we are sure that these challenging days will end soon. In this critical situation, we are committed to providing our best support to customers affected by COVID-19. If you have any queries about our services, you can contact us, and we will be there to assist you in the best way.

How this Works

It is a straightforward process to find your car’s tax or MOT renewal due dates. For this, simply enter your car’s registration number in our online system, then you will be taken to the free report page. On this page, you will get your vehicle’s tax and MOT renewal due dates as well as other relevant information about your vehicle.

Car Tax – Why Are People Not Paying?

Car tax has become paperless. If you think you are not able to pay the car tax, now the time has changed. Now people are paying their car tax via an online system. But most of the people are not paying. The reason behind this, I think they are not able to get the online system after the paper system.

Why do we have car tax?

Car tax in the UK is an excise duty levied on the maximum of the vehicles used on the local roads of the UK. The government applies the tax online, and you have to pay for it. It is compulsory. If you do not pay the car tax, it will be against the law, and you have to pay fine with tax.

History of Vehicle Tax

The UK government first added a wheeled vehicle tax in 1988. In the duration from 1920 to 1937, the vehicle tax was raised for funding of road buildings. After this road-building funds wound up. The amount of car tax was insufficient for road building. There always had a contribution to general taxation.

Paper Tax Disks Change

The paper tax disks system changed and introduced a new automatic online system. This system is more efficient than paper tax disks. The traffic police have access to DVLA records through the national police computer system. They can quickly examine the car, whether it is taxed or not. It has replaced the examination of the old system of paper tax disks with the new automatic system.

When does one have to pay the tax?

Car tax is payable annually on the date of registration of the car. Car tax payment is not a monthly basis now. It is essential to check to confirm that you have paid your car tax on time to avoid any severe penalty. If you want to pay every month, you can do this too.

Penalties for Tax Evasion

If you did not pay the car tax and caught with an untaxed car on the UK roads, It will cost you car tax plus fine. You have to pay a little amount with your car tax amount if you want to release your car within 24 hours. Delaying the recovery will cost you more than fine.


To know your car's tax due date, enter your car's registration number in the free car check data tool. It will give you a car's tax, MOT, insurance, and other information or your car.

For this, enter the registration number of your car to check the annual vehicle price. You should check your car's tax via DVLA to confirm the vehicle tax before buying it.

It can take up to 4 to 5 days to update the tax expiry date after you tax your car. If you face this trouble, kindly wait for five days.

It sometimes happens when you enter the registration number with common mistakes like entering a number O instead of 0 or letter I instead of 1. Enter the number carefully to find your vehicle.

It is entirely illegal to run a car without a car tax. You can only drive your untaxed car for the pre-booking MOT test. You can tax your vehicle via DVLA online service

You can report an untaxed vehicle online. You need the registration number, model, colour, make, and vehicle location to report an untaxed vehicle. Enter this information online and report that car.

Vehicles made before 1 January 1979 are exempt from tax. Additional exemptions from tax apply to other vehicles that are electric and disabled passengers. Vehicles except those are not exempt from tax.

It is illegal if you run your car without a car tax. If you get caught with an untaxed car, you will be fine a high amount. You will get a severe penalty from the UK government.

If your car were registered before 1 March 2001, your car tax would be calculated based on your engine size. If the car is registered after this date, the tax will be calculated based on the CO2 emissions and fuel type.

Yes, there may be some cars that are exempt from tax such as, the car which is used by the disabled passengers, electric vehicles, and the cars which are registered before 1 January 1979

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