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How To Scrap a Car Fastly? – Get Instant Money Now

What is the cost of Scrapping my Car or cash?

There is a colossal system of waste sites and salvage buyers where you can get your car registered. After entering all the in-depth details of your car, your data will be analyzed and processed for the further procedure for ascertaining where the condition of your car makes it to be scraped of sold to some buyers who could salvage or waster or sell it with the fixed cost. There will be no hidden charges wither about scrap my car or selling it to the third party. If you have put the descriptions about the car accurately there will be no negotiation on the price of the vehicle either for salvaging or for scraping.

What is the Process of Scrapping a Car Work?

It is a hassle-free process to facilitate the customer either for selling the ole car or for scraping it.

Finding the right buyer

The first step is actually to find an appropriate buyer for your car and if there is found any there will be clear negotiation of the price without any hidden charges. Otherwise, if your car is unroadworthy and needs to be scraped, we provide you with the relief of removing the car from your house without costing you any money. There is a Government Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF)where your car will be sent for scraping.

Collection & Payment

All scraping manuals and government protocols will be kept under observation strictly. Either finding a buyer to scrap your car or doing it through ATF process when you find a quote first you need to accept it and then later our guards will arrange a convenient time to collect the car from you. We will take care that your car is collected on the same date, from the same place and at the same arranged time because we keep the peace of our customer’s mind our utmost priority. Afterwards, the payment will be done to you straightaway by the collector.

How I can Scrap my Car for Instant Money?

The environment agency has authorized the Authorized Treatment Facility for legal scraping of the cars. Besides, this may also take place at scrapyard which is also certified and validated by the government to get the scrap cars. Earlier one needed to pay some money to have one’s car removed out f the garage because the people did not bother to keep the old obsolete piece of metal at home occupying the space. It was feasible to place such cars parked outside of street lanes either. If the scrapyard you are selling your car to is not licensed then it is illegal to sell them your car. After you have scrapped your car you need to inform the DVLA necessarily that you have done this with a licensed scrap yard otherwise you will be fined up to 1000 Pounds. There are some certain documents necessarily required for scrapping your car. The vehicle logbook (V5C) and A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) are two must documents that need to have with you before your car scraping. Without either of these documents again there might be some legal complications that you need to bear later on. In this way, keeping all these aforesaid aspects in mind you can get rid of your old scrap car and have a little amount of money also rather than yourself paying for the removal of the car from your home facility.

How much will I get for Selling my Car for Scrap?

You will have to keep in mind to sell a car in a scrap which is unroadworthy and having no working gadget in it. Keeping this thing in mind you can have only a small amount of money by scraping your car. There is one other way: if you have good know-how about the car parts then you can sell the essential or some costly parts one after the other and it will make you more money than selling you the whole car in the scrap domain. The parts can be sold locally and also posted to be sold on the internet. As for the amount of money that you will receive is not fixed.

Scrapping a car

To get rid of an old car is a headache. There are some protocols you need to follow before sending your car to any scrapyard. It might be possible that the car you are scraping for few amounts of money the scrapers might be earning a larger amount of money out of selling some of the spare parts of the car still functioning that you may not be aware of. So first you need to be sure that you really need your car to be scrapped and then the next process starts. You cannot scrap your car to any of the scrapyards which are not registered with ATF. You can scrap or salvage your car at any of the certified scrapyards. You need to show proper documents for that such as your ID and some other details of the car. Your data will be saved for any further use for at least three years. Once your car is scraped you better inform the driver of the car and get a certificate of destruction from the legal body. Unless and until you do these you will be liable to a fine or any other penalty. You can claim your full months paid car tax and also you can claim the insurance payments of your car insurance company.


The scrap value of a car is based on the condition of the car to be scrapped. If the owner sells some of still working spare parts separately and sells the remaining one then that price will be minimal. If the car is fully destroyed unable to have a worth of any of the parts then too only a minimal amount will be there.

In case your car is an accident and destroyed but there might be many spare parts which can be uninstalled and sold separately then the remains of the car will go merely for a small amount of money.

The scrap can be sold at any scrapyard which is registered with ATF, not any else for it would make your deal illegal.

You have to produce your ID in the first place and all other documents such as V5 document/vehicle logbook, Service history and MOT certificate, Original photo ID (passport or driving license), Proof of address dated within the last 9 months and Finance settlement letter (if applicable). Lacking any of these will make your deal null and void.

If you want the payment immediately 30 minutes after the sale of the car then you can use our Premier Payment service (fees apply).If you don’t need money urgently, your money will be transferred to your bank account within four working days.

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