How Long Does an MOT Take

How Long Does an MOT Take? Get to Know About Now Instantly

How much time do an MOT and service require?

To have an MOT your car will be tested for a motor test and vehicle servicing. The vehicle servicing consists of various checks and mechanical tests to ensure whether your vehicle is safe enough to run on the road. All these tests of vehicle servicing are actually to ensure whether there is any mechanical or any other kind of fault in your vehicle. An MOT test usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour till its completion time. All these checks mentioned above are included in this time. While the full vehicle servicing which includes the checking, maintaining and preparing the complete report of your car’s condition takes up to 3 hours. in this regard the estimated time for your MOT and vehicle servicing test should not exceed from 2 to 3 hours. It can take 4 hours at most. The timing required for vehicle servicing and MOT also depends upon the category of the vehicle. All these tests depend upon the age of the car, the mileage of the vehicle which has been going on for years and if there are some problems identified while ascertaining the vehicle servicing. In this perspective, you can better estimate how much time from least to maximum it can take depending upon the size, age mileage and other characteristics of the vehicle from check car tax.

How the car is examined during an MOT?

The MOT includes a thorough analysis of your vehicle where all these parts of your vehicle are checked. The examination conducted on the car basically included the parts such as, Body, vehicle structure and general items, Towbars, Fuel System, Exhaust Emissions, Exhaust, System, Seatbelts, Seats, Doors, Mirrors, Load Security, Tyres & Wheels, Registration Plates, Lights, Bonnet, Wipers & Washers, Windscreen, Horn, Steering & Suspension, Vehicle Identification, Number (VIN), Electrical. After a thorough examination of these car parts, a comprehensive report is made on which the MOT is based.

How is authorized to repair my car?

To find the professional mechanic for the preparation of your car you can have access to reaching out on this website you will find more than 13000 days around the UK which will cover the maintenance and reparation of all parts of the car. With the wide variety of more than 13000 years in the whole of the UK, you can have diversity and quality checks at every garage nearby. You can also compare the quality of the work and the prices of the reparations did do to your car. When a driver books overall reparation of his car through our website he can get 90 pounds saved.

How can I compare the garages?

You can have a detailed comparison of choosing a garage for the reparation of your car. First of all, you should get your details delivered to the MOT garage and wait for the quotes that they give you in return. After having a comparison of your details and the quotes that you get from different garages you can choose your preferred garage. After making up your mind for a fixed choice of garage you can book an appointment with that and later on you can leave a review about how did you find the quality and services of that garage.

Is your car worthy of passing an MOT?

As a response to the question of whether your car will be able to pass an MOT, every driver wishes to reply with the word yes. According to the statistics issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in the UK, they say that throughout in the years from 2018 to 2019 financial year 31,335,775 MOT tests were conducted out of which only 26% cars failed MOT. It does not mean that your car is also not capable to pass the MOT test. According to the driver and vehicle standards agency, most of the faults which are detected at the time of an MOT were minor and could have been repaired with only a little amount of money. So there is no complexity of checks made at the time of MOT, these are basic checks which can be done by the car user regularly. This would never lead your car failing an MOT.

Tips for MOT preparation

The age and the mileage of your car are two main factors you need to be careful about. Besides, You should check the Washer fluid level and windscreen wiper working of the car. You should carefully look to Windscreen for any chips. Also, you should be sure about the working of all lights, indicators and bulbs. You should not ignore that the tyre inflation levels of your car are correct and that the Tyre condition for damage and tread is not less than the minimum is 1.6mm.

What is the cost of an MOT?

The cars, vans and 4×4 vehicles are given an MOT for 54.85 pounds while the owners of the motorcycles need to pay 29.65 pounds for an MOT. You can also book your MOT online at Protyre at any time of the day. You can drive your vehicle to any of your desired garages for having an MOT.

What is required to get an MOT?

To maintain the facilitation of the people there is nothing required for having an MOT. The garage will have your motor registration number or your ID at most for any processing use. There is no need to provide any certificates, any old MOT, any bus fare or any document for having a new MOT.

How will COVID-19 influence the MOTs?

Because of the coronavirus alarming situation the vehicle for which a new MOT is necessary from the date 30 March 2020 is given 6 months grace period to drive the car. The drivers are allowed to drive the car with the expired MOT only on urgent basis. In this scenario too you will be prosecuted if your car is found unroadworthy


For a car MOT, you will have to pay 54.85 pound fee and for a motorcycle, you will need to pay 29.65 pounds. Remember this is the basic fee which does not include any repairs of your vehicle.

As for the service of your car, Who Can Fix My Car will take £97 which does not include any repairs, any replacements or any new installation in your car.

All major parts such as the windscreen, tyres, wheels, mirrors, horn, steering wheel, seats, seat belts and many more parts like these are deeply examined in an MOT.

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