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Check Car Tax is a platform where all information related to your vehicle is accessible through our Free Car Check feature. You can access and check your vehicle details authentically. Car Tax Check helps to discover full MOT history check and is known as Car Check Free as well. It helps you to be sure about any purchase you are going to make by providing you with detailed mot history. Free Vehicle Check is applied to ensure vehicle safety and determines if its worth the road which makes it sort of an annual test. 

There was a time when car history checks were a thing only accessible to businesses or trade but with the passage of time and wide internet access public can also make free car data history checks. It is very easy to check car history for free. To check history of a vehicle, you need its registration number. You can check online by entering the registration number at any authentic platform. Vehicles include your cars, lorries, buses, motorcycles, etc. Just by adding information you will automatically know if Mot history is valid. You can also get reminders for car history checks by enabling them.

Internet, by means of many commercial sites, provides you with vehicle history reports. This information primarily includes car specs and service history and is obviously limited to a certain extent. Understanding the information of the content available online is important for you to make any decision about your purchase.  Many commercial sites offer vehicle history reports and you can investigate vehicle history reports for free from certain sites. 

Generating a free vehicle history report requires finding your vehicle identification number which you can find on car documents or manuals. It is usually also printed on sticker adhered to various car parts. Selection of an online service to check car history for free is very important step as a number of online services compete in this field. The next step includes entering the information and running the report. Apart from vehicle’s identification number, some platforms may require zip codes, license plate numbers, or the state where the car had been registered. You might need to accept terms and conditions of the website you intend to choose for free car history checks. Then you submit the information to get the report on your vehicle history. This report will be based on various sections dealing with ownership history, vehicle value calculator, additional and detailed history. 

You can generate a free fraud check online to avoid buying stolen cars. For this purpose you might need to access national crime bureau’s online data-base by following the simple procedure of entering car’s identification number and looking-up their database.

These procedures ensure vehicle safety when buying a used car. Buying used cars is not an easy feat to accomplish if you are not accustomed with the basic history and you have to watch out for pitfalls.Thus free car history checks are extremely important.


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Free car-checks usually come with a set of basic procedure to follow. There might be certain nuances according to the platform you are using but the basic steps are the same which primarily include; things you need for vehicle history check, information that the reports provide, checking for fraud, looking for what you need to check and how to check the information provided. To run free car checks you need to understand the content of the data available which is discussed further and will also be tackled with in the most common queries.


Vehicle history check or mot history is easy to check as it only requires vehicle’s plate number by accessing DVLA database via various online platforms as discussed above. Vehicle’s registration number will enable to obtain full mot history. To understand and to be sure about your purchase you need some essential things in comprehensive vehicle history check; car mileage check, stolen vehicle inquiry, written-off status, police interest, outstanding finance, registration and ownership history, colour and number plate changes, imported or exported status, scrapped status.


This is important to save buyers from potential financial loss as some traders tend to interfere with the authentic and accurate mileage by taking off thousands of miles off the demister of used vehicles. This benefits the credibility of their high claims for the vehicle and puts you in vulnerable position. Sustained mileage recorded involves the basic following ways : DVLD, HPI check, Manufacturers, Dealer group, Owners. Most important feature is mileage history check which is used in calculation of the age of the vehicle. Mileage tamper is detected by full car mileage check to help you in buying vehicle at authentic price.


This is another aspect of car-check that facilitates buyers and manages to curb their losses. It assures that your potential purchase is not a stolen vehicle. You can access all data regarding the status by stolen car check to guarantee your peace of mind by enabling you to comprehend statistics. Free car history check therefore prevents you from investing in superficially flawless stolen merchandise.


It is important to know the written-off status as buying a car let alone driving a car with written off status is extremely risky. Insurance write-off is a term for vehicle that assists vandalization that it is un-suited for road and a potential threat to it. It might be safe but inches away from economic disaster. The repair is unprofitable incurring financial losses. Free car history check enables you to know if your vehicle has undertaken vandalization. Write-offs come in 4 distinct categories ranging from A to D. Thereby, repair of used vehicles comes with immense financial losses and transcends the worth of the vehicle.


Buying a stolen vehicle always puts you in vulnerable position and therefore free car-checks come with various set-backs and consequences. Police reserves the authority to claim stolen vehicles back at any point and it is un-negotiable. Once a vehicle is flagged or labeled stolen you lose the credibility to its ownership as soon as it comes under the radar. It renders you susceptible to financial loss with no compensation.


It refers to the amount that has to be paid to the finance company by antecedent holder. Vehicle cannot come under ownership until this amount has been paid and finance company oversees this. Therefore, its essential to check outstanding finance history by free car-checkup to save any additional losses.


It is important to know the registration and ownership history to assess the credibility of vehicle and free-car check history facilitates this procedure. The less the number of custodians, the more significant is the performance of the vehicle. Evidence of the vehicle and clocked owner is important in evaluating the vehicle’s condition and is enlisted in mot check history if you register with DVLD. If guardians are less than 4 the vehicle is very suitable to purchase, otherwise it is not so adequate a purchase to make. Therefore, getting your vehicle report surveyed is essential task to accomplish in car history checks.


License plates may be changed according to desires of the customer or owner so it comes with an expiry date which poses a lot of problems. No alteration in license plate has been illustrated with green color as the vehicle is safe to buy and car history checks provide you with this information.


HPI car check enables you to discover if the car you intend to buy has been exported or imported. Imported cars usually are costlier and therefore it is always better to double check this status by free car-checks to curb any potential losses.

Scrapped status

Scrapped vehicle refers to a car that has been taken off the road permanently legally. Since all scrapped cars are not crushed and thus leaves a room for fraud. Free scrapped car checks prevent you from buying such vehicles.


Vehicle’s number plate is required to check its history which leads to FULL MOT HISTORY. This provides you information about the following aspects to follow to check. In order to check you have to look-up for outstanding finance, Hire purchase, conditional sale, credit sale, contract hire, personal loan, personal contract plan, unit stocking. Free car checks give you the name of finance corporation, terms of agreement. By following these guidelines, you can check vehicle history.


MOT history checks and DVLA database are your prime tools for checking car data. For this reason you need to know when the mot is due to avoid fines and in case of damage heavy costs of repairs are incurred for written off cars.

Easy and quick method employs the use of online platforms by giving details of your vehicle that you intend to buy. For this purpose, you check written off status and its categories if any, valuation and mileage history. These have been tackled above. Car valuation gives retailer price, corporation price, price of quick sale and discreetly price of getting rid and saves you from paying over the odds.

First and foremost, you need to check for written-offs and in case if they are present check for their categories from A to D and register the write-off with DVLD. The second step involves car valuation which should include all the details of the year in which the car was manufactured and the total mileage covered by the car. Then mileage history, stolen car-check, scrapped status, plate changes, keeper’s history are checked to inquire the car data.

Difference between essential car history checks and optional car history checks

Essential car history checks include the MOT check to know if the car was taxed and to know if it passed  the most recent MOT. Essential aspects of car history checks include stolen car check, keepers check, mileage history check, import export status (HPI) check to prevent outstanding finance and scrapped status check. These all will be displayed in various free car-checks platforms.

Non-essential checks include car valuation, write-offs (most free car-checks do not provide this information in depth) and plate or color change check.


Free car-checks are not difficult to get in this era of unlimited internet access. Just by entering vehicle’s plate number and some details , all the vehicle history is at your hand. You can get this by accessing DVLA database through various online sites offering free car-checks. The database provides you all report of your MOT history check. For this purpose, you have to make sure the availability of vehicle’s number plate, internet and computer, phone, records of DMW. Selection of an appropriate online platform for authentic information is also very important. The question lies is where, instead of how, to get free car checks. Always opt for a trusted website as many compete in this field but the issue remains the same with every free car-check- no matter how comprehensive it provides information to a limited extent.

Best practice for a buyer

It is always essential to run various checks when buying a vehicle to run various checks and obtain a mot history check when purchasing a vehicle. Vehicle history check is important when buying an already purchased vehicle.

Mot records test

It is important to check mot records for whether the vehicle has cleared the recent mot test and the location where the previous mot test took place and use a mot testing service to record mot test results. Keep checking due dates and expiry dates of the previous mot.

The vehicle owner takes a look at

MOT due dates , what parts failed in each test of MOT, whether the vehicle passed or failed the mot test. The vehicle owner has to make sure that mileage test was also conducted and recorded during the MOT. Location where the previous MOT was conducted. Furthermore car tax check should be looked up as well.


Car tax check implies if the vehicle tax is up-to-date. It also provides information about if the vehicle has been taken off the road. MOT check service is used to check current MOT status pf a vehicle and to know when is the tax is due on a vehicle.


Whether you are selling a car privately or via trade, the information has to be registered with DVLA. You’ve update to avoid any malpractice and accountability by informing DVLA. Likewise, you buy as a registered keeper or motor trader.

Buying from a dealer

When buying from a dealer it is necessary to check the car’s history via free car checks or by other means. For this purpose, you have to acquire the vehicle’s registration number, MOT test number, mileage, make and model.

Private sellers

When buying from a private seller it is again important to check mot history as vehicle safety is determined by MOT tests. It is necessary to inquire the seller about an gaps in MOT. Getting a private history check is always a good idea using free car-check platforms.

Avoiding fraud

There are various ways in which fraud can be incorporated in this trade and it is important to run car-checks. For this purpose, you’ve to make sure the vehicle is registered with DVLA and lookup its records on the DVLA database. Checking mot history for mileage history check ensures the merchant has not tampered with the mileage clocked in the records. Valuation of car saves you from paying over the odds. Furthermore, you can avoid outstanding finance during a purchase. Now it is very easy to check a car’s data by various online sites offering this facility. You can avoid purchasing a stolen car by running data with NICB and prevent your vehicle from getting flagged.

Paying for the vehicle

While paying for a vehicle, it is essential that you make the vehicle undergo car valuation to get an idea about the retailer price, corporation price and price value of sale.  Valuation helps you buy, sell and exchange car parts at appropriate reasonable prices. MOT history enables you to acquire equitable charge. By using vehicle plate number, you can get to know the price of used car on various free car check platforms.


Buying a new car always comes with warranty which saves you from paying for faults for the certain allocated period. Various warranties cover car, accessories with respect to safety, reliability and road worthiness. Different warranties include; new car manufacturer’s warranty, new car statutory warranty and used car statutory warranty. Until these expire dealerships are under obligations to uphold the conditions such as repair until the period of time it expires. Make sure you have all records updated with DVLA.

Records of a car

Records of a car must be updated with DVLA whether its sold or purchased. These are acceible online by free car checks. Free car data check providers can be accessed using car’s number plate. free vehicle history check can be accessed in the same way by using VIN number of the vehicle. These records include mot test records and other records related to history of the vehicle e.g. mileage history.

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